Helsinki, 19 Jan 2012

Dear Internet,

It has been a year since I last wrote to you.

I never received your reply, but I wanted to let you know I am doing fine and have been thinking about you.

Since I last wrote, I have changed jobs and my personal life is going great, too. My kids are wonderful and my wife has never been more beautiful. I took a job as a creative planner at White Sheep Isobar and have been really pleased how things have turned out to be. I get to do marketing in the way we always discussed - combining data with creativity and I feel there are good things happening soon.

I hope everything is ok between us. I guess you did not approve of all the things I said last time about advertising and what it takes to prosper in the agency world. I still feel the same about those things and I hope that one day you can understand that I want to be among the people who get to create totally new things in the post-digital world.

We used to be the best of friends and I hope that everything could be just like it used to be. I know you are busy, but please stay in touch.

Your lifelong friend,

Timo Paloheimo